INFLUENCERS: Get Your #AD Act Together!

#Influencers in the #GenZ demo are hitting kids hard with undisclosed endorsements & paid ads. Influencers are putting themselves at risk of FTC warnings and penalties for failing to disclose endorsements. #Publicists: You could be causing some BIG problems for clients and their marketability by ignoring #FTC #ad guidelines. Too much of the entertainment industry still sees honesty as the enemy.

#Brands: Make the FTC Guidelines part of the deal. Young influencers (notably, #actors) think they’re being funny or witty by doing tacky pitches on one hand or pretending they stumbled into your product or service on the other. It backfires! Kids see through undisclosed ads. Again, it’s about being honest.

If you want to play ball in the influencer space, make sure it’s legit! One more thing: brands, state payment terms in clear, concise language (and of course, make sure you pay up)! You don’t want your influencers bashing you online for non-payment. It’s a crazy new marketing world out there! #branding #publicist #demos #endorsements #howto